protestBDLive reports that University of Johannesburg (UJ) research has shown that labour issues accounted for almost half of all public protests recorded by the police between 1997 and 2013, while the number of protests characterised as disorderly had steadily risen.  

Peter Alexander of UJ’s Social Change Research Unit, and others, used the SA Police Services’ (SAPS) Incident Registration and Information System, which characterises events based on whether there is a crowd, peaceful or not.  Labour protests were the most common reason for a crowd forming, at 46%, more than twice that of community-based protests, including service delivery, at 22.1%.  Community protests were more likely to be disorderly than labour protests.  Alexander said the report reaffirmed existing evidence of SA’s high rates of labour instability, but researchers were surprised at the extent.  "Since 2012 we are facing not just a rebellion of the poor, we are also having a rebellion of the workers," said Alexander.

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