VantageGoldfieldsMineweb reports that trade union Solidarity has laid some rather serious accusations against Canadian gold mining company AfroCan Resources Gold and its CEO Brian Barrett, claiming he is a fraud.  

On Monday, the union alleged the Vancouver-based company had not paid an agreed upon $2.5 million as part of a $11.3 million investment into the Lily Gold mine, which is in business rescue, by the end of last month.  Solidarity said Barrett ‘had let many similar transactions run aground’ and that the union had been approached by other ‘victims’ who painted a picture of a fraudster with a distinct modus operandi.  “He’s just a fake,” said Solidarity’s Gideon du Plessis.  “We were contacted by other victims who had dealings with him and they say it’s the same modus operandi.  He’ll sign an agreement, enter into talks, but simply not deliver when the time comes to pay up…”  Brian Barrett, says AfroCan, denies all of this “as mere spurious allegations.  But Vantage Goldfields, the owner of Lily Mine, has placed all the blame on Barrett, saying an agreement has been breached.  Du Plessis says the plan of action is now to name and shame the people involved in the fraud.

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