uctEWN reports that the University of Cape Town (UCT) says that its commitment to end outsourcing at the institution was never just a symbolic gesture.  The university has now permanently employed 972 former contact workers following months of negotiations with unions.  

The agreement comes after students and workers raised grievances around outsourcing during the Fees Must Fall demonstrations last year.  The institution's Francis Petersen advised that UCT has budgeted for the almost R68 million annual operational cost.  He indicated:  "From a social justice perspective, this insourcing will contribute to that objective.  We’ve split the costs in two.  There was a once off capital cost of R40 million but we have a recurrent operating cost close to about R68 million.  That cost has now formed part of the budget."  Meanwhile, Rhodes Must Fall activists have welcomed the move, but have reiterated that more needs to be done.

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