boardroomtableBusiness Report writes that three sessions of negotiations between SA’s vehicle manufacturers and the National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) have failed to achieve agreement on any of the union’s demands.  

Stephen Nhlapo, Numsa’s chief negotiator, confirmed on Friday that the union had not yet concluded any agreements at the National Bargaining Forum on any issues with the Automobile Manufacturers Employers Organisation (Ameo).  Nhlapo said Ameo had submitted an offer to Numsa, but declined to provide any details.  Ameo has apparently asked to go back to its principals to get a fresh mandate, while Numsa has agreed to a last negotiation meeting in coming weeks.  Numsa’s demands include a one-year rather than a three-year agreement, a 20% wage increase, R5,000-a-month housing allowance and medical aid premiums on a 80% (employer) 20% (employee) basis.  The union is also demanding a mega bargaining council, comprising the vehicle manufacturers, oil refineries and retail motor industry.

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