newsThe Star reports that the local residents of Durban Deep have seemingly come to an unusual arrangement that a group of illegal miners in the area take action to remove the criminals in their midst.  

One resident indicated:  “People are getting killed like flies - there is so much crime, shootings and rape.  You can’t leave your house after 5pm.  The police don’t do anything.  All these things led us to take a stand.”  She went on to explain:  “We held a meeting with the Basotho illegal miners where it was agreed that they must make the first step and fight this group of criminals in their ranks or they must leave Durban Deep.  We don’t want people to be killed in mob justice, but we don’t want innocent people from our community killed.”  On Wednesday, an illegal miner and suspected criminal was stabbed and brutally beaten by the group.  A local community leader warned that there would be more incidents of mob justice after the Basotho illegal miners had “taken the initiative”.

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