sapsNews24 reports that police officers in the Western Cape are being earmarked for advanced tactical training to boost their reactions under criminal fire.  

Deputy National Commissioner for Policing, Lieutenant General Sehlahle Masemola, said on Tuesday at the memorial service of three officers killed in Cape Town in the past week:  "It is to teach survival and to always be alert.  Firearm competency is not enough.  Our police members are being killed in big numbers in this province."  Masemola also said police would no longer buy single cab vehicles for patrols in the Western Cape.  They would instead opt for double cabs so that at least three officers are able to travel together at any given time and act as extra backup.  Masemola then claimed to have evidence that specifically female officers were often on social media instead of focusing on their work.  This elicited gasps and dissatisfied grumbling from officers at the memorial.

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