southafricalogoCape Times reports that a Goedemoed correctional facility warder is suspected of being the mastermind behind the “contract murder” and rape of female colleagues by an inmate, according to a report issued by the Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services (JICS).  

The report details an incident at the Free State facility on 29 March where a female warder was killed by an inmate when he took her hostage and stabbed her to death with a pair of scissors.  The inmate thereafter took another woman hostage for several hours, during which time he raped her.  The inmate was serving a life sentence for murder, rape, robbery and assault.  JICS spokesperson Emerantia Cupido said the DCS official had been suspended after allegations of a “contract murder”, torture and assault came to light during an investigation by the JICS.  She said that the investigation revealed that the homicide had been “prearranged between the inmate and a DCS official, who wanted the deceased assassinated.”  According to the JICS findings, the incident was found to have been premeditated, and it was possible that more than just the one suspended official might have been involved in the “alleged conspiracy, knowingly or unknowingly”.

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