UNTUNews24 reports that the United National Transport Union (Untu) believes that the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR) is reckless for allowing trains operated by the Passenger Rail Agency of SA (Prasa) to stay on the tracks.  

The union's comments come after the release of the latest railway safety statistics by Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula on Tuesday.  The figures revealed a decrease in railway fatalities, but an increase in commuter injuries due to "operational occurrences".  There were 375 reported fatalities as a result of occurrences, representing a 17% decrease compared to the previous financial year.  But, 2,660 injuries were reported - representing a 23% increase from the year before.  Untu general secretary Steve Harris said the annual rail safety report should be called the annual derail report.  "The RSR is reckless to allow the trains of Prasa to continue playing Russian roulette with the lives of its employees and commuters," Harris lamented.  He also disputed the statistics, which he noted were based on the statistics provided by the Rapid Rail Police Unit of the SA Police Service (SAPS).  "Our members report that the various stations of the SAPS sent them from pillar to post when they tried to report incidents in their free time due to the total lack of knowledge and incompetence of police officers in charge offices,” Harris remarked.

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