newsNews24 reports that according to Bishops Diocesan College, more pupils than one have been "affected over a number of years" by the alleged "serious misconduct" of a female former teacher.  

"We have confirmed that there have been several boys who have been affected over a number of years," school principal Guy Pearson said on Tuesday.  This followed the resignation of the teacher who allegedly had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old matric pupil.  The allegations have rocked the prestigious private Cape Town boys' school in Rondebosch after it was reported that the pupil had tried to break off the relationship.  "There has been an appeal to boys and parents for any information which would add to our understanding.  The teacher concerned has resigned and left the school," said Pearson.  The 30-year-old teacher, Fiona Viotti, has in the meantime appointed top criminal lawyer William Booth to represent her and her family.  On Monday, Booth said no charges had been laid, but Viotti was very "stressed" about the situation.

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