gavel thumb100 Independent on Saturday reports that the former head of Durban’s Glenwood High School, Trevor Kershaw, will spend the next three years under correctional supervision with a 10-year suspended prison sentence hanging over his head.  

This after he pleaded guilty to fraud charges of just over R5million.  A plea agreement with the State was reached on Thursday.  The case has dragged on in the courts for the past three years after Kershaw was charged with defrauding the school in 2016.  Glenwood High is regarded as one of the leading schools in Durban.  According to the plea bargain, while Kershaw was head of the prestigious school he had not kept the relevant documents to substantiate expenses he had incurred and had claimed reimbursement through fictitious documentation made up of more than 1,600 dubious reimbursement claims and including over 100 homemade invoices.  The Asset Forfeiture Unit seized Kershaw’s assets of R3m after his arrest and the proceeds will be released to the school.

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