westerncape thumb medium80 80News24 reports that Western Cape Premier Alan Winde said on Thursday in his State of the Province Address (Sopa) that despite an additional 1,100 new police officers having been deployed in the province, it still did not have enough men and women in blue.  

He stated:  “The police's own stats prove this.  That is why we need to bolster our own safety services.  But we are adamant that our personnel will work in co-operation, hand in hand, with the national police in our province.”  Winde said the province's safety plan focused on increasing boots on the ground and reducing violence.  In the last year, 500 out of an eventual 3,000 new law enforcement officers had been deployed to the most crime-ridden neighbourhoods in partnership with the City of Cape Town.  "Because violence is so complex, and because we want public funds to be spent on interventions that have the most impact in making people's lives safer, all our safety plan decisions will be informed by data and evidence, and will focus first on where crime is worst.  We will not be afraid to adapt and change if our data and evidence shows we can do better," Winde said.  He has established a special Safety Cabinet that will meet every six weeks to report back on what work has been done and what has been achieved.  Its first meeting was held last Wednesday and was attended by officials from the City, police, correctional services and justice department.

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