southafricalogoSunday Independent reports that the Correctional Services Department has indicated that its situation was like a “leaking bucket” as it was battling to fill the number of vacant posts to compensate for the staff leaving its employ.  

Deputy chief commissioner for human resources Patrick Mashibini said on Friday:  “This has had serious negative effects on the compensation of employees (COE) budget, which seems to be on an increasing trajectory throughout the financial years.  As a result of this negative trajectory, the department is continuously underspending on COE to where at the end of the financial year a huge amount of unspent budget is returned back to National Treasury.”  He told MPs in a briefing on the filling of senior management service (SMS), occupational specific dispensation and non-SMS posts that it was feared that if the situation continued, National Treasury would continue to reduce their COE budget to a point where delivery of services could suffer.  The trend, has been consistent since the 2014/15 financial year.  A report showed an average of 22 vacancies at director level and eight at deputy commissioners level.  The SMS vacancy rate for salary levels 13 to 16 stood at 49 as of 3 February and there were 848 non-SMS posts to be filled nationally.  Mashibini put the blame on the centralisation of recruitment and selection of senior management in the head office.  He said there was disappearance of some appointment memorandums leading to re-advertisements of posts and disputes lodged against pending appointments.

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