newsThe Star reports that some Ellis Park Stadium workers are pushing for action to be taken against a senior manager they allege has been making them do maintenance work at his house and using bully tactics.  

Staff members also claim that Ellis Park’s stadium manager, head of security and store manager ill-treat them and allege that they are involved in corruption.  According to the staff, things changed for the worse when they got a new site manager.  Staff members are apparently repeatedly reminded that they are contractors and are hindered from doing their jobs.  “We are forced to keep quiet when we see some of the maintenance staff doing illegal things because we are afraid we will get removed from the site. All staff that are hired by Ellis Park only get verbal warnings whereas contractors get fired,” claimed a staff member.  The head of security allegedly cut the number of guards without providing a reason, and now guards work three posts each, leaving them no time to eat.  It is also alleged that the store manager helps himself to the alcohol in the store at the venue and that things such as tissue paper and paint are ordered for the stadium manager’s house.  Edgar Rathbone, MD of Ellis Park Stadium, said he was not aware of the allegations against the three managers, but he would be holding a meeting with all the staff members and, if any of them have information regarding the allegations, they should approach him.

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