JMPDThe Star reports that rookie Joburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) cops sent back to the police academy to be retrained are in limbo and sit around doing nothing all day.  

Some angry rookies hit back at management on Tuesday and accused it of treating them unfairly, insisting that they did not need further training.  A JMPD academy graduate, who was among the 1,500 deemed to be poorly trained, claimed there was no training taking place at the academy.  “We just wake up to go and sit at the training academy. The officials at the academy are not even attending to us,” he alleged, adding that instead of undergoing driving lessons and other training at the academy, they spent the day socialising and sitting under a tree.  “The people who train drivers were still busy with older police officers and we were told that we will start driving fully once we are placed in different regions,” he claimed.  The cop further alleged that the academy was not in a condition to conduct classes in some of its ageing facilities.  Another rookie said the firearm instructors were very strict, which might have scared off several trainees.  JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said this week that the new graduates had to be returned to the academy to polish up on gun handling, driving and traffic management skills.  After an 18-month training programme which began in 2017, they graduated last year.

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