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Minutes taking services are provided by Spowart Resources, the publishers of SA Labour News, in the Johannesburg Metropolitan area (Johannesburg CBD, Sandton, West Rand).

We supply professional minute writers for formal business meetings such as company board meetings, audit committee meetings, finance and remuneration committee meetings and other corporate meetings. Additionally, we can supply a service in providing a record or summaries in respect of a variety of other gatherings such as conferences and “bosberaads”. We do not provide a verbatim transcription service.

Minute taking is an important function in that, for company boards and key board committees in particular, it provides an accurate record of what was said and agreed upon and is prima facie evidence of the decisions made by directors and committee members.

The members of our professional team collectively have many years of experience of minute taking gained in a number of large and well-known South African corporations and have a good understanding of diverse areas of business. They are academically qualified and possess excellent writing skills.

By giving us the responsibility of preparing your initial draft minutes, we can take away what can be a headache for those running or arranging meetings. We do not, however, undertake additional company secretarial services such as the drafting of follow-up correspondence, lodging of forms in compliance with statutory requirements, and such like.


We ordinarily charge R400-00 per hour in respect of time in attendance at a meeting as well as the time taken to prepare the draft minutes. As a rule of thumb, two hours is required to prepare the minutes in respect of a one-hour meeting, meaning a charge of three hours for a meeting of that length. A flat rate can be negotiated in advance for all-day meetings. A revised fee may have to be negotiated for meetings dealing with highly specialised or technical matters.

There is no charge for time or expenses in travelling to the meeting venue.

Penalties for late cancellations may be charged.


If a new client so wishes, we will hold a preliminary meeting with them to agree the style and level of detail required for the minutes and any other requirements. Services are provided with a guarantee of strict confidentiality.  The fee charged for services will be as agreed upon in advance. Ordinarily, a draft set of minutes is delivered to the client electronically within 5 working days after a meeting, although arrangements can be made in advance for a shorter service in special circumstances.

Meetings are ordinarily digitally recorded. The original recording is destroyed after the draft minutes have been approved by the chairperson or other nominated person, although a copy of the recording can be provided to the client on request. We ask that an agenda and any accompanying meeting papers be provided to the minute taker (preferably before the meeting). The meeting papers will be returned after the minutes have been approved, or alternatively destroyed.

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For more information about our minute writing service and to book a minute taker for your forthcoming meeting:-

Phone Spowart Resources at 082-452-4729 or 011-341-0428

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