Press Statement dated 11 October 2017

Cosatu members have to endure a hell run every day to and from work, because of Metro Rail.

The system of rail need to be fixed as a matter of urgency lets more death and job losses accrue. The Public transport as a whole is dysfunctional as the City, Province and

National should have deployed more taxi and busses to the routes that are affected by bad train service to overcome the problem into his short term.

But they have done nothing to address this and now they are playing politics by saying that they want to run trains.

This is the same City that in spite of the great demand for My Citi busses on the Cape Flats have first and mainly rolled it out on the west corridor of mainly commuters.

This latest announcement of the DA led City to want to run the Metro is because they see that they are in a crisis and an opportunity to play politics with people’s lives. This is the same as the Provincial government calling for the army to fight crime.

The reality is that the City and the Province has allowed the complete breakdown of society, by not providing homes and services to poor communities, so the law of the jungle prevails. Even if there were new trains tomorrow the vandalism and gang criminal problems of cable theft would continue.

The City and Province must do the work that they are supposed to do and things will get better and not grand stand on things they cannot do. Cosatu will continue putting pressure on Metro Rail to fix the service and improve the commute for workers. But we don’t care if it is under what level of government. We do however care when people play politics with the lives of working people and not actually do anything to improve it.

Zille and Herron are 2 white citizens who have no appreciation for the damage colonialism and apartheid did, so they will never focus on fixing the real problems. They only play political games to stay in power in the Western Cape, but neglect black communities.

Issued by Tony Ehrenreich, Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu)