Press Statement dated 14 September 2018

The Public Servants Association (PSA) that represents employees of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) based at Poytons Building in Pretoria, has welcomed the closure of the building by the Mayor of Tshwane, Mr Solly Msimanga.

The PSA has been raising the poor state of the building for years. Concerns related to white dust and other matters in the building which were taken up with the landlord. Despite several reports by Labour Inspectors, including a recent report that was furnished on 6 September 2018, employees were still expected to perform their duties. The recent report indicated non-compliance with various safety issues, including malfunctioning elevators, non-compliant first-aid systems and electrical non-compliance issues.

“The PSA has been communicating with the DCS to attend to the safety concerns and therefore welcomes the closing down of Poytons Building. This is, however, just one of many buildings that should be shut down by government, including the Civitas Building from which the Department of Health is currently operating. It is trusted that the eagerness by the Mayor will extend to addressing the issue of this building as well,” said PSA General Manager, Ivan Fredericks.

“The PSA is, in the meantime, pursuing legal action with regards to the Civitas Building and will be monitoring the situation at Poytons to ensure that employees’ rights and interests are safeguarded,” said Mr Fredericks.

Issued by Ivan Fredericks, General Manager, Public Servants Association (PSA)