Press Statement dated 12 February 2019

The Public Servants Association (PSA) welcomes judgement by the Limpopo High Court that orders the Limpopo Department of Health to re-employ seven Dentists after their contracts were terminated by the Department before the completed their community-service work.

“The judgement should be taken seriously by the Department as other Health Professionals are not yet absorbed based on the signed contract. On a yearly basis, the Department enters into a contract with Health Professionals who embark on their studies. In the contract, the Department binds Health Professionals to serve the Department for the period they were released for studies. The PSA warned the Department that it has an obligation to absorb those Health Professionals who completed their studies as per the signed contract,” said PSA Provincial Manager for Limpopo, John Teffo.

Despite the PSA’s call that the Department must absorb affected Health Professionals, the Department maintained its stance. “The non-absorbing of those Health Professionals is because of a lack of proper planning. The PSA embarked on a process to consolidate the list of all affected employees to ensure that justice is served for these employees who through no wrong-doing found themselves at the mercy of an employer who has demonstrated that it doesn’t care about its employees,” said Mr Teffo.

“The PSA is vindicated by this judgement as it has been the Union’s position that the Department was wrong to terminate the contracts of these employees and that it was obliged to allow them to complete their five years in line with their contracts. Alternatively, the Department should pay them off if it intends to terminate the contracts prematurely. The PSA will not allow the Department not to honour its obligation towards these employees as per the signed contract,” said Mr Teffo.

Issued by John Teffo, Provincial Manager for Limpopo, Public Servants Association (PSA)