Press Statement dated 14 February 2019

Solidarity today announced that at a press conference tomorrow it would launch a knowledge bank on its web site where trained engineers, artisans and experts who were previously employed by Eskom can register to return to Eskom to help save the power utility and get it out of its current critical situation.

At the press conference Solidarity will announce short-term strategies to help solve the current problems at Eskom and it will also announce its views on rumours on possible retrenchments at Eskom.

The initiative of a knowledge bank comes in the wake of President Cyril Ramaphosa encouraging people to come forth with solutions for Eskom after he and Minister Pravin Gordhan’s remark that Eskom is suffering from a skills shortage as a result of a major exodus of competent employees, and that the Ministry was considering to call in outside help to get the ailing public enterprise back on track.

According to Dr Dirk Hermann, Chief Executive of Solidarity, Solidarity has a wide network of skilled workers who are able to make a difference. “We undertake to try and contribute, to help defuse the crisis at Eskom and we firmly believe that our network of knowledge will be able to do so. Solidarity will also provide the registrations it receives on its website to Eskom so that these workers can be employed,” said Hermann.

“We firmly believe that workers who has crucial skills, should be made aware of what they can contribute, and this registration page is the perfect way to get the right people involved. The media also has a big role to play in creating as much awareness as possible so that we can solve the Eskom crisis through knowledge,” said Hermann.

Members of the media are invited to attend the conference:

When: 15 February 2019

Time: 11:00

Where: Karee Boardroom, Solidarity Building, corner of D.F. Malan Drive and Eendracht Street, Kloofsig

Issued by Solidarity