Press Statement dated 11 July 2019

The Public Servants Association (PSA) has welcomed the appointment of Mr Nthako Nyapotse as Correctional Services Area Commissioner at St Albans Management Area.

Commissioner Nyapotse, coming from the Free State, has some 30 years of experience in Correctional Services. In a meeting held with stakeholder on 4 July 2019, the newly-appointed Commissioner was clear that the disciplinary code is not meant to punish officials but rather to correct behaviour. He also noted the challenges regarding staff shortages and smuggling of contraband.

The PSA appreciates that the Commissioner has acknowledged that a lack of capacity and safety issues are major concerns as the PSA has been voicing over the years. The PSA looks forward to progressive engagements with the Commissioner that will address the needs of officials without compromising on service delivery. The PSA trusts that his relationship with labour as a stakeholder will be fruitful.

Issued by Public Servants Association (PSA)