Press Statement dated 25 July 2019

The Public Servants Association (PSA) has called for an urgent meeting with the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health to discuss the crisis that has developed at Osindisweni Hospital, especially in the X-Ray Department. It has come to the PSA’s attention that the X-Ray Department is working with skeleton staff owing to vacancies that have not been filled.

Staff members were requested to work shifts on 24-hour basis to compensate for the shortage. This has resulted in staff having to work excessive hours leading to extreme fatigue. In addition, staff members are working hours in violation of the legal limit. The severe shortage of staff has seen patients being turned away or having to sleep at the hospital overnight for them to be attended to early the next day.

The PSA has written to the Head of the Hospital, indicating that the staff shortage must be attended to immediately, as the Union cannot allow its members’ rights to be violated or staff being blamed for patients being turned away.

The Hospital has pledged that the staff situation would be resolved in the new financial year, but this is still to materialise. The PSA has called for an urgent meeting with the Department of Health next week to address the crisis.

Issued by Public Servants Association (PSA)