Press Statement dated 25 July 2019

The Public Servants Association (PSA) was shocked to discover that some employees of Kalafong Hospital were not vaccinated despite being exposed to various diseases on daily basis.

What is even more shocking is the fact that the Senior Medical Manager abdicates his responsibility in that he apportions the blame to supervisors wherein a major part of his responsibility is infection control. The PSA questioned how non-medical employees such as cleaners, general workers and kitchen staff can be expected to know what vaccinations are required if the employer fails to inform them. The fact that the affected employees were seconded through the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) is irrelevant and does not remove the legal and moral duty to provide them with a safe working environment.

Owing to the urgency, the PSA has referred the matter to the Department of Labour Inspectorate and will also write a letter to Gauteng MEC for Health for her urgent intervention. The PSA further called for medical screening and surveillance of all affected employees, inclusive of vaccination, to prevent further exposure or spread of infections in health-care facilities. The PSA will also explore the possibility of litigation should the MEC not act in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Issued by Public Servants Association (PSA)