artisan2Business Report writes that Xpatweb’s Critical Skills Survey 2020/21 showed that 77% of organisations were struggling to recruit and obtain critical skills in SA for their local and cross-border operations.

“A further 76 percent further confirmed an international search would assist them in meeting business objectives,” Xpatweb MD Marisa Jacobs indicated in a statement on Tuesday. According to the latest survey, the top ten skills businesses were struggling to recruit included engineers (18%); ICT (13%); foreign language speakers (10%); media and marketing specialists (9%); artisans (8%); C-suite executives (7%); senior financial executives (6%); health professions and related clinical sciences (5%); science professionals (4%); and accounting (1%). The number of businesses indicating that engineers were difficult to recruit rose to 18% from 16%, which could indicate these skills were being lost to the brain drain to countries like Australia and the UK. The demand for ICT skills remained high. Professionals most sought after included IT application developers (11%); data analysts (10%); data scientists (9%); software developers (9%); and software engineers (8%). Most in demand senior executive professions were chief operating officer (24%); chief financial officer (24%); chief executive officer (19%); and chief technology officer (19%).

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