eskomNews24Wire reports that suspended Eskom procurement chief Solly Tshitangano supported the awarding of contracts worth more than R8-billion to Econ Oil in 2019, detailed charge sheets in his disciplinary process reveal.

This was despite him being aware of evidence of impropriety and possible corruption involving Econ and Eskom officials. He also took no steps to further investigate Econ Oil's possible misconduct, which allegations were first raised in 2016 and again in 2018, and allegedly misled the Eskom board over the status of Econ, resulting in the board approving further contracts to the company. Prior to his suspension, Tshitangano made bombshell allegations of racism and abuse of power against Eskom group executive AndrĂ© de Ruyter. This took place within days of De Ruyter and Tshitangano exchanging emails over the possible cancellation of Econ Oil's five-year contract awarded in 2019.  De Ruyter has denied the allegations, dismissing them as "spurious and defamatory". The charges against Tshitangano's accuse him of gross misconduct among a laundry list of 22 charges of further misconduct and dereliction of duties, which include failure to prepare key submissions on time and failure to attend meetings on a regular basis. Tshitangano's disciplinary process is apparently set to continue on 19 April.

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