durbanThe Citizen reports that yet another eThekwini municipality employee has been nabbed for fraud, this time in connection with the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

According to the Hawks National Clean Audit Task Team, Robert Nkosi has been sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for five years, after misrepresenting members of the public that he had secured a tender with the municipality. People were subsequently “recruited” to be his “employees” for the bogus project. Nkosi told his prospective “employees” he required proof that everyone had bank accounts, and hired a taxi to take them to Pietermaritzburg to open their accounts. There, he convinced the “employees” that he needed to take their bank cards and pin codes to show them to the municipality. He also instructed them to all use the same cellphone number to open their accounts, and gave them R1,000 each. Two weeks later, each bank account was topped up with R31,000 meant for EPWP employees, but Nkosi only paid each person R1,000. The municipality was prejudiced by R400,000. Now, Nkosi owes the municipality R280,090, which must be paid back each month over 60 months.

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