saa thumb medium95 76News24 reports that according to a letter dated 9 April 2021 from the SAA business rescue practitioners (BRPs) to the SAA Pilots Association (Saapa), if striking members of the association had accepted the BRPs’ latest offer, an amount totalling R704 million would have been paid out to them last week.

A further R182 million would have been paid during the course of this week. The balance of ex-gratia and severance payments would have been made over the next three years, with the first payment in the amount of R71 million scheduled for payment in August 2021. Despite the BRPs having submitted their revised terms on the proposed settlement to Saapa on 1 April 2021, the organisation has apparently not to date responded. The amounts the BRPs would have paid out would have included an unpaid salaries settlement for the months of April to November 2020 (R314 million); notice pay (R68 million); leave pay (R184 million); and 13th cheque payments (R137 million). The BRPs told Saapa members in the letter that they found it "illogical" that the union had not accepted the settlement proposals. "It is even worse when faced with the reality that the ex gratia payments and the uncompromised full leave pay will no longer be available once the business rescue ends," the letter indicated. Saapa members have been locked out since 18 December 2020 and have recently started a strike in order to prevent the situation where the company lifts the lockout only for some pilots, especially training pilots, who are needed to get the airline back in the air again.

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