Press Statement dated 23 August 2019

Solidarity’s legal team today gave the sheriff urgent instruction to proceed with the seizure of Brian Molefe’s property to pay Solidarity’s outstanding legal costs of approximately R600 000 owed to it in terms of a court order.

This comes after Molefe had made payment of only R100 000 within the period of seven days Solidarity had given him to do so. For this reason, the sheriff has been asked to proceed with the execution of the seizure of Molefe’s goods at his property in Cornwall Estate, Pretoria. The goods will then be sold at a public auction until Molefe’s debt to Solidarity is settled.

“Solidarity will not let up until Molefe has paid every penny. These purposeful steps serve as warning to other tax plunderers. Their days of lawlessness are numbered,” Anton van der Bijl, head of Solidarity’s Legal Services said.

Earlier this month Molefe tried in the Constitutional Court to have the cost order against him set aside, but he failed.

The Eskom Pension Fund also told Solidarity that if they do not receive the approximately R10 million owed to them, they will take vigorous legal steps to recover the money from Molefe.

Solidarity is also still waiting for the National Prosecuting Authority’s confirmation that they would go ahead with the prosecution of Brian Molefe. Should they fail to do so, Solidarity will employ Adv. Gerrie Nel of AfriForum to prosecute Molefe privately.

According to Van der Bijl, the Molefe case is just the beginning. “It is all about accountability. Tax plunderers will now be forced to their knees to pay the price for their lawlessness. It is not government money that is being wasted recklessly. It is every South African taxpayer’s hard-earned tax money; therefore, we will continue to fight for justice,” Van der Bijl concluded.

Issued by Anton van der Bijl, Head: Solidarity Legal Services